He’s your favorite Crossbow-Toting-Zombie-Killing-Redneck on The Walking Dead, but how would Norman Reedus react in real life when confronted unexpectedly with horrifying zombie coming at him?The Walking Dead‘s makeup and special effects wizard Greg Nicotero and star Andrew Lincoln decided to find out. They enlisted the help of Nick Santonastasso. You might have seen his zombie prank videos making their way around the Internet as he and his friends tried to get Santonastasso an on-screen appearance on The Walking Dead.


Norman even tweeted out his support for Santonastasso’s bid to get on the show. Greg and Andrew decided to bring Nick to Japan and together Zombie prank Norman. So Greg did his magic . . .


Nick hid in the room that Andrew and crew rigged with mics and multiple cameras . . .


Then they waited for Norman . . .

Norman certainly wasn’t as quick as his counterpart on screen, but he did jump right out of that chair. What did you think? I’m betting Nick will get that Zombie appearance on The Walking Dead.

Via: Walker Stalker Convention

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