harvey bullock

Oh how the rumors fly across the silly Internet. One rumor that hit this week was that actor Donal Logue was being looked at for the role of James Gordon in the upcoming Gotham television series. As it turns out, that was a load of bull. As it also turns out, he was indeed offered a chance to be in the series, though it was in the role of Detective Harvey Bullock.

For those not versed in Batman lore, Bullock is a long-standing member of the Gotham Police Department, a cop that doesn’t exactly play by the standard rules of law, preferring instead to take bribes, beat the crap out of suspects and other happy stuff like that. Within the context of the Gotham television series, he would make an interesting rival to the straight-laced Gordon.

Still no word on whether Logue has said yes to the role or how long he would be sticking around on the show, so we’ll just have to wait until it’s all official before we know more.


Thanks to /film for the update.

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