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 ABOVE: Was E.T. a Jedi? It stands to reason, sure. Doesn’t change the fact that E.T. is also the fuel of nightmares. I watched E.T. while on shrooms once, and haven’t been the same since.    [B&P


Deadpool texts cyclops for, er, assistance. Bet you Marvel fanboys be like “But Deadpool can teleport, he’s got that belt”. Not if he locked his belt in the car too, D’uh! BTW, I must be really behind on my marvel stuff. I didn’t know that Kitty and Kurt are dead. Oh well. [Texts from Superheroes]


Meg Murrderher dressed as DC Comics Lobo. I betcha she doesn’t have to worry about Cosplay is Not Consent. I’d be too scarred to make eye contact, let alone make some unbecoming comment.  [CBM]


The darkside might be, you know, dark… but at least they have all the cool gear.  This is an officially licensed product with a 2800 mAh battery capacity and it even comes with a micro USB cable. There are also red LEDs to replicate the blade and four along the handle to show the current power status. [NerdApproved]


Tara Theoharis aka The Geeky Hostess wants to make nerdalicious sprinkles for all of your baking needs. Police boxes, steampunk nuts and gears, and lightning bolts to top your confections. Everything’s better with sprinkles! [That’sNerdalicious]


Did you know Predator had a romantic side? I just hope his wedding night doesn’t involve boning his wife, no the other boning… the one where he skins his pray and leaves their carcass hanging from a tree.  [China News]


The circle of ‘The Wonder Woman Movie’. Yep, that pretty much sums it ups. [TheGutters]

Things you do in videogames that’d be creepy if you did them in real life. What about looting dead bodies? I always get weird  looks when I do that. [Buzzfeed]

Because science is nerdy, check out this video of a token Russian teen being amazed by his dry ice in water experiment. [Dorkly]

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