Usually when the new toys come out we find out all kinds of new spoil-ery type stuff about our favorite franchises. The hottest secret in the Doctor Who Universe these days is: What will the latest Doctor Who Peter Capaldi be wearing? Everyone expected some kind of big spoiler-ish revel at the London Toy Fair today, but it seems the willy Doctor had other things in mind. Wanna sneak peek at the new toys?doctor-who-peter-capaldi-action-figures-600x453

Well, crap. That’s just the same suit we saw in those first on set pictures like the one at the head of this post in which Capaldi is still wearing the left over Matt Smith duds. What is the world coming to when you can’t even predict that the toys will spoil some huge secret in a franchise?

Maybe there are some accessories in the box . . . or pictures on the back of the packaging . . . crap. Guess we’ll have to wait until the first episode airs to see what fashion trends the new Doctor will start in the Cosplay world. I was hoping for a head start before all the Doctor Who Cosplayers hit the Thrift stores.

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