I am, and shall forever be, a “fannibal”.  This show grabbed me from the first 15 minutes and has refused to let go.  It’s been a long time for myself and others that share this passion to wait until the coming of season 2.  But, at long last, it is nearing that fateful date.  And finally, the powers-that-be have released the first official trailer.  Scroll down to check it out and tell me you didn’t just pee yourself a little with excitement.

Wow… okay.  So does Hannibal kill, like, everyone this season?!  I’ve not heard anything with regards to whether Bryan Fuller will be trying to take this into a third season, but I’m guessing we’ll be looking at a very different show each and every year that it returns.

Once again, Hannibal has impressed me, and I’ve only seen 2 minutes so far.  What do the other Nerd Readers think?  Are you a victim of spontaneous nerd-gasm as I was?  Can we hold out another month?

Don’t forget to check out the premiere of Hannibal season 2 on February 28th.

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