Okay–he WOULDN’T look like this famous image from Tim Burton’s Batman… I just couldn’t resist.

There’s a small pantheon of comic artists and writers that are known even to non-fans. The creators who gave us some of the genre’s biggest stars and best known titles. Siegel and Shuster, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Stan Lee (naturally), and–the man commonly known as, and in the LEGAL sense is the creator of BatmanBob Kane.

But there’s a name you won’t find on that list of creative luminaries: Bill Finger. He’s the man responsible for a large percentage of what made Batman the (VERY arguably) most famous comic book character of all time–including his origin, most of his costume, and many of his key adversaries.

Now, this is not news to most Bat-fans–and in the past many fan-based attempts have been made to obtain Finger his rightful place amongst the comics elite–but a new campaign orchestrated by author Marc Tyler Nobleman is making waves on the internet. Nobleman wants to see Finger honored with his own Google Doodle on what would have been his 100th birthday: February 8th.

Last year, Nobleman–with the assistance of artist Ty Templeton–wrote a story detailing Finger’s contributions to Batman called, Bill The Boy Wonder. Now, while Nobleman continues his crusade to get Finger some long-overdue recognition, Templeton picked up his pen and last Friday gave us his own little “what if?” scenario: A comic showing what Batman might be like if Kane, and ONLY Kane, had designed him.

Take a look:


Snarky? Harsh? Mean-spirited even?

Perhaps… But Templeton does make a good argument, and it’s hard not to agree that Finger deserves some props for making the caped crusader into the bat-obsessed, billionaire, weirdo vigilante we all know and love.

If you agree with Nobleman and Templeton, and want to see Finger get some love on Google, send an email to:

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