Last month Disney failed to renew the rights to the Star Wars 1313 trademark, is this the final nail in the Star Wars 1313 video game coffin?

Even before Disney acquired LucasArts, the future of the incredible looking Star Wars 1313 was in doubt. LucasArts had decided to put the project on hold and was looking to farm out the development work to another company.

Once Disney bought Lucas Arts, and the corporate dismemberment began, not only where 150 employees let go, but the future of two promising Star Wars games, Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault were again placed in limbo.

There always remained the chance that Disney might farm out the development to other companies, it is Disney’s video game strategy as a corporation after all, but when Disney allowed the rights to the game names to drop last December, even Princess Leia probably gave up any hope of seeing these games return from the Dark Side.

Why even bother talking about it? Because the game looked incredible! Take a look at this E3 footage:

A bounty hunter style game, set in the Star Wars Universe would have been great.

Now a couple of things should be pointed out. Star Wars 1313 as a title looks a lot like a place-card name for the game while it was in development. Was this a case of there being no reason to renew the rights if the rights would change anyways? Yeah, it is pretty flimsy, but I thought I should point it out.

The talk around the Internet Water Cooler is that Boba Fett is getting his own movie, and Star Wars 1313 was to include Fett as a major character, perhaps it will get retooled when the Fett Movie hits the big screen? We can only hope at this point, because Obi-Wan was our only hope, and he isn’t answering his com-signal.

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