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It’s no news that the folks at Disney are trying to exploit this Star Wars deal to its fullest potential and rake in the big bucks. New ‘Episodes’, spin-off series, cartoons and a new comic series all play into their plan. So what on Tatooine could they possibly come up with next to make even more money? Well, the answer may not have you jumping for joy, for it seems as if Disney is giving the thumbs-up to one of their other properties to play with the franchise, and that property in question is Pixar.

While most may know of Pixar as the people that put together children’s films of a more comedic nature, it could be possible that they have the ability to bring some serious ideas to the creative table when it comes to making something in the Star Wars universe. Right? Please? Star Wars meets Toy Story would be something of a Bay-esque assault on my childhood memories and would likely incite millions of fans to riot.

Still, we’ll just have to wait to find out what they plan on doing with it, as there is little information concerning the direction of said project. With so much else on their plate, Disney won’t want to take on yet another massive workload in the immediate future. Not to mention the fact that Pixar is notorious for spending many years when putting a film together. So until then, keep your fingers crossed.


Thanks to Latino Review for the heads-up.

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