The announcement Israeli actress, Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman for DC and Warner Bros.’ burgeoning cinematic universe was met with a mixed response at best. Since then, the actress has responded to her critics and proven she’s got the determination and sense of humor needed to handle the harassment that comes along with being cast as an iconic superhero. In her most recent interview with Israel’s leading entertainment show, Good Evening with Gai Pines, Gadot shares even more about her upcoming role as the Amazon princess.

No details about how large her role will be in the Man of Steel sequel or from what version of Wonder Woman her character will draw inspiration, but we can draw a couple conclusions of our own from this new info. Gadot revealed when she was cast as Wonder Woman for Batman vs. Superman she signed for a three picture deal. For sure, this includes BvS, but what other two films? WB’s eventual Justice League flick is a solid guess and it’s likely the other film would be a solo Wondy movie. At least it damn well better be! If Wonder Woman doesn’t get her own film in this shared cinematic universe, and especially if it doesn’t come from Gadot’s new three-picture deal, I’ll riot.

Gadot also said she’s expected to begin filming BvS in May, which is pretty much on par with the production push back that moved BvS’ release date to May 6th, 2016. She’s earning $300,000 for her role as Wonder Woman in BvS, which really isn’t all that much. Speaking in Hollywood terms, of course. To you or I $300 grand is A LOT, but for a part in what could potentially be the biggest grossing movie of all time – one of them anyway – that’s chump change.

So, judging from her measly paycheck I’m betting her role in BvS is exceptionally minor. And I’m all right with this, as long as she gets her own picture down the line and a big, fat paycheck to go with it.

What are you expecting from Wonder Woman in WB’s Man of Steel sequel? Still unsure of Gadot’s casting?

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