‘Godzilla’ Comic as Prequel to Film? You Betcha!


There’s always been a proud relationship between Godzilla and comic books starting way back in 1954 when the monster first started appearing in Japanese manga. Godzilla, at one point, even fought in The Avengers in 1979 when Marvel had the rights to publish Godzilla comics in America. Keeping that tradition in mind, Legendary Pictures, producers of the new film, are putting together a comic book prequel and publishing it under their Legendary Comics wing.

The comic is called Godzilla: Awakening, and reportedly it will delve into the pre-movie origins of Godzilla and chronicle some of the events that lead directly into the film, Godzilla. The comic will be written by by Max Borenstein, who co-wrote the film’s screenplay with Frank Darabont, and co-written by Greg Borenstein.

Here’s an introduction to the comic by Godzilla director Gareth Edwards:

Hey Gareth, do you have enough Godzilla swag in your office?

Godzilla: Awakening will be available in stores on May 7, coincidentally just nine days before the release of Godzilla on May 16.

Source: Blastr

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