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Early summer release dates are like Hollywood gold. If you have a movie that you think is a major contender, then you want to put it someplace where people are going to notice. The best slots remains in early May, starting up the summer blockbuster season, but pretty much anything from May to August is prime real estate. So when the upcoming Batman vs. Superman got pushed into 2016, it left a very juicy spot open on July 17th of 2015. A juicy spot that Marvel is snagging by pushing their Ant-Man flick up from November and into the summer.

Of course, Warner Bros. had already filled the spot they vacated with their new Peter Pan flick, which means Ant-Man will have a little bit of competition when it comes to bringing in their younger and family audiences. Whether this was done intentionally to piss off Warner Bros. is up for debate. Those that have been paying attention know that the Batman vs. Superman new release date of May 6th, 2016 lands on the exact date that an unnamed Marvel movie is supposed to be coming out. And Marvel is unlikely to want to go up against a fistful of DC’s most popular names. So is this attack on the Peter Pan slot a big middle finger from Marvel/Disney to WB?

Either way, I’m sure we’ll see a few changes in the scheduling of the next few summers. Until then, you can see Ant-Man on July 16th of 2015, Peter Pan on the same day, Batman vs. Superman on May 6th of 2016 and some Marvel mystery flick on that day as well.



Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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