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While Harry Potter has had the honor of his own theme park for some time now, the folks at Universal Studios Orlando have been looking to expand on it, bringing whole other areas of the Harry Potter mythos into the real world. This time around they put together a version of the famous Diagon Alley and have appropriately titled the new addition as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley. And while the rest of the Harry Potter theme park is located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, those with tickets to both parks will be able to take the trip from one locale to the other via the Hogwarts Express. Check out some concept pics of the new park below.

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The new attraction will be opening this summer and will feature everything that you might expect from a proper theme park – more shopping, more rides and more Harry Potter-themed food and drink. It’s also said to be pretty massive, so fans of the franchise are likely to be impressed with the amount of work they’ve put into it.


Thanks to cnn for the heads-up.

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