Coming this fall is another all-new Star Wars animated series. I know, sometimes we get so wrapped up in the ongoing rumor mill of Episode VII we forget that there’s more to Star Wars then whatever J.J. Abrams is up to, so let’s talk about what Simon Kinberg is up to. Kinberg is the executive producer and showrunner of the next, great animated Star Wars series Star Wars: Rebels, and he took some time out of his increasingly busy schedule to answer some questions about the new show from a major entertainment magazine.

So what kind of insight does Kinberg give us? He offered several hints while talking to Entertainment Weekly, while discussing  how the world of Rebels is going to look, how it will feel thematically, and what kind of stories that the audiences might expect Kinberg and Co to tell. For instance, Rebels will show the nuts and bolts of the Rebellion, and not just the big, epically important battles.

“I always loved origin stories and the origin of an entire organization, I don’t think we’ve seen that before, and we’ve approached it in a real-world way. If I told the story of the American Revolution, I wouldn’t want to start with the most famous battle, I’d want to start when it was just four guys in a room, the earliest spark of that seems dramatic and cool. That’s a big part of the fun of it, the little back-room dealings, the first time you see it’s possible to stand up to the Empire.​”

And for fans who’ve always wondered, you’ll get a sense of exactly what it’s like to live under the jack-booted restraints of the Galactic Empire:

“The world we’re creating is an Imperial world. You’re seeing the impact of the Empire, of Stormtroopers around the galaxy, abusing and oppressing people. Thematically and politically, it goes to some dark places. But for the tone of the show we took our cues from the original movies, which had fun and adventure and swashbuckling with emotion and grounded human characters. We took all our cues from the original films. Obviously there are slight tonal differences between New Hope, Empire and Jedi. But I think the closest intended voice of the show is A New Hope. So there are places where we get into darker backstories, there are places we see how cruel and malevolent the Empire can be, but for the most part it’s a fun and character-driven story.”

As for what the series will look like, Kinberg hesitates to make comparisons with the last Star Wars ‘toon Clone Wars, and instead looks to Star Wars’ earliest days, and the work of a renowned artist, to guide what his series will look like on screen.

“The intention of what I’ve seen so afar, and we’re pretty far down the line, the intention is for it to feel quite different from Clone Wars. The place we went back to as to a visual template was Ralph McQuarrie, who was one of the original concept artists for the original Star Wars films. His art is softer, a little more figurative, more of a feel of being drawn, less computer generated. The first few movies had a bit of a hand-made quality. We wanted the show to have that. There’s also in the archives where [creator George] Lucas keeps all the original art and props, there’s tons of art that’s McQuarrie’s musing on the Star Wars universe that was never used in the films. There’s places where we’ve quite literally taken world-creation or vehicles or creatures from his original art that was never used in the films and made that part of show.​”

Star Wars: Rebels will premiere on Disney Channel this fall with a special one-hour episode, before moving over to Disney XD.

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