Only yesterday we, and most of the nerdosphere, ran with a story from Fandango claiming Arrow star, Stephen Amell had been in discussions about appearing in Warner Bros.’ eventual Justice League movie. Later on Facebook, Amell made it clear that notion was utter “bullshit”.

The story from Fandango ran with a quote from Amell saying he’s “had discussions” but it appears this was inflated by the reporter to mean “studio level” discussions. Amell could very well have meant around the craft services table he’s discussed the possibility of appearing in a Justice League movie, not with anyone of influence.

Here’s his statement on the matter from Facebook,

When I do press, I try and be open, honest and thoughtful. That being said… I find it incredibly discouraging to see a headline like the ones I’ve been seeing this morning. Headlines that aren’t just a stretch, they’re totally fabricated. At no point, have I had “studio level” discussions about any feature films at Warner Bros.

In this particular instance, when I read articles that take a pretty straightforward answer and slap a title on it that has little to no correlation to what I’ve actually said, it makes it seem as though I’m disrespecting my current position. Which is bullshit. And why would I do that? I mean… I’m not the smartest dude in the world. (After all… I picked a career in acting.) But would I really just casually subvert a process cloaked in secrecy? A process – by the way – being run by the company who currently employs me. C’MON!

We’re making a kick ass show. We will continue to make a kick ass show. And I will continue to interact and provide interesting content for our fans. Because I love our fans. If every once and a while, some dickweed wants to pull a headline out of thin air to generate page views, then that’s the price we pay.

Haha… dickweed.

Whether or not it’d be a smart move for WB and DC to tie their movie and television universe together is another discussion entirely. One I believe they should be seriously considering. But it seems for now that discussion is off the table. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are in the movie business, Green Arrow’s stuck on the small screen. (And in the long run, that may prove better for Arrow, anyhow.)

Funnily enough, it was in an interview with Fandango last fall that showrunner Greg Berlanti made it clear the only discussions between Arrow and WB/DC are over which characters they’re allowed to use.

Saddened by the news Amell hasn’t been holding secret meetings with WB about transitioning to the big screen? Is it a dumb decision on WB’s part not to integrate their movie and TV heroes?

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