There’s just over two weeks to go until AMC‘s The Walking Dead returns from its fourth season break on February 9th. The Walking Dead powers that be have just released this recap/preview/character discussion and it might just be the ticket for those of us Jonesing for some Zombie chatter.There’s a lot to see and talk about, some we’ve seen before, but there are also some tantalizing new bits. Take a look and let’s break it down on the other side.

What did you think? I had to stop it and rewind to catch what the sign hung on that Zombie said, “Rich Bitch.” Makes me wonder what Daryl has wandered into, some kind of class warfare between some haves and some have-nots?

Daryl is also shown looking back down the railroad tracks where a group of zombies are having an afternoon snack. I really hope that’s not Beth. I don’t think it is because she is shown off by herself a few times in the preview, but you never know. Fans at the Walker Stalker Con talked with Scott Wilson all weekend and he never let slip any hint that he had already met his end on the show.

I’m really looking forward to the second half of season four. Things are never better in the Walking Dead World as when everything has hit the fan and those that survive scramble to escape and rebuild some kind of safety.

What stood out to you in this preview and which of the groups of survivors are you most interested in following? For me it’s a toss up between the Daryl/Beth and Tyresse and the little girls, you might know them as Carol’s Corps . . . and the baby, we all know that Tyresse saved the baby during the prison attack. I’m interested in how he handles the baby situation.

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