Remember those Ubisoft games that were announced as movie adaptations over these last few years? Well, as we steadily approach the release date of the first of three – Watch Dogs and Splinter Cell haven’t yet been given release dates – Assassin’s Creed is just now getting a rumored director.

The scheduled release of Assassin’s Creed‘s movie adaptation is just a year and a half away, and I’m surprised that we still don’t have a solid answer on just who will be directing. We’ve known since 2012 that Michael Fassbender would be in the starring role, but we’re just now getting word Daniel Espinosa is being looked at to take the reigns as director for the film.

Espinosa – whose work can be seen in 2012’s Safe House and the upcoming Child 44 starring Tom Hardy – still hasn’t been confirmed as the official director for the video game movie adaptation. It’s unclear if they’ll be pushing the release date back, as we haven’t heard much about the film since Fassbender was attached, but it seems likely given the popularity of the Assassin’s Creed brand.

I’ve always got my doubts when it comes to video game movie adaptations, but with how well Assassin’s Creed lends itself to a big-budget, blockbuster movie, it’s hard to see this failing. I worry, especially if they don’t pin down a director soon, but I guess only time will tell if Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed can buck the trend.



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