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It looks like casting for The Flash television series is in full-swing this week. Just a few days ago we got the announcement of Jesse L. Martin taking on the role of Detective West, and today we get to find out about a couple of villains that will be joining the show – Reverse-Flash and Killer Frost.

It looks like actor Rick Cosnett (The Vampire Diaries) will be taking on the role of Detective Eddie Thawne. Some will know that Reverse-Flash’s proper name was Eobard Thawne in the comics, but it’s just a bit too similar to be anything but the same character. According to the description, Thawne is “…a recent transfer to the Central City Police Department, whose past is a mystery and who harbors a dark secret.

rick cosnett

Danielle Panabaker (Shark) is the actress that gets the honor of bringing her talents to the other role, that of Caitlin Snow. Also known (post-super-accident) as Killer Frost, her official description is as follows: “…a highly intelligent bioengineering expert who lost her fiancé during an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs.

danielle panabaker

Personally, I’ve never seen anything either of these two have been in, but I never new who Grant Gustin was until he showed up on Arrow, and he did pretty well. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that we get the same level of super-goodness (or evilness, as the case may be) from these two.

So those looking forward to a more super-powered feel to The Flash can rejoice. It looks like we’re going to get all the heroes and villains and crazy super abilities we could possibly want with the show.


Thanks to Screen Rant for the heads-up.

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