empire reveal

As part of their 25th Anniversary, Empire Magazine is grabbing on the the X-Men: Days of Future Past hype with an interesting marketing gimmick – releasing 25 different covers for their latest issue. While fans of comic books know this is a recipe designed to sell more than one copy of the same book, I’m guessing that still won’t stop people from purchasing a copy of each of their favorite characters. The cover reveals are happening throughout the day, and (in addition to the one above) here’s what we got for you so far:

Okay… a few observations – the Quicksilver design I’m skeptical of, the Toad design looks kinda cool even if it is pretty different, Storm needs her FKN mohawk already, and why does Rogue have a cover if she’s not supposed to be in the film?

Anyways… they’ll be releasing even more, one every hour in fact. Check back some time in the future and we’ll have the rest of them for you.


Thanks to /Film for the heads-up.

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