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Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer know that the series has continued into the present via the magic of comic books and courtesy of Dark Horse Comics. The series has passed beyond the seven season of the television show and brought two new “seasons” to its fans. Season 10 is due to start releasing in March, though this time the series will have a unique guest writer in the form of Nicholas Brendon – aka Xander Harris.

Brendon won’t be taking over the entire season, of course, but he will lend his literary skills to crafting issues 3 through 5 of the new season, an arc that will apparently revolve around the most infamous vampire of them all, Dracula. Whether Brandon will be picking up where his last encounter with Dracula left off (i.e.: season 5’s rather embarrassing Xander-bitch moment) remains to be seen.

Of course, Brendon isn’t the only Buffy alumni to get involved in crafted the continued universe. Both Amber Benson and James Marsters have added their own spin on the series and the series hasn’t died yet, so that’s a good sign.


Thanks to The Mary Sue for the heads-up.

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