The Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman reboot of the much beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise for the bigscreen has long be a hot topic (and more often a nexus for nerd rage). Well, an image hit the ‘net earlier today that will only serve to fuel that. Reportedly a snap of the earlier rumored toys from the movie, one that also serves to reinforce that abysmal Halloween costume that leaked a few days back.

Ready to see the new look TMNT?

vanilla-ninjaWhat gives? Yeah, sorry about this but we had to remove the images per a cease and desist letter from Paramount Pictures.  The rest of the article and source links will, however, remain. Should the images be removed from CBM as well, just do some internet sleuthing, you’ll find them. Lawyers can shake their desist flags, but it’s the internet, nothing disappears for good.


CBM has obtained this admittedly low quality picture (they are promising better ones soon), however through the buttcam quality you can see that it is inline with the aforementioned toy rumors. They do have a certain traditional look (albeit an updated one), and each Turtle has a unique physique and costume.  If we look back at the leaked Halloween costume (on second thought don’t, man that thing was pure nightmare fuel) you can really see how the Michelangelo pictured there lines up with the one in the lower left of the above photo, right down to the ratty board shorts and the douchey ‘hoodie around the waist’ look.

Honestly, I am not completely against this design. Obviously only a fool would pass judgement on a rumored blurry image (so haul ass with those hi-res ones CBM), but from what we see, dare I say it, they might be on to something. I like each Turtle having his own ‘look’ past the colour of their masks and knee/elbow pads.  I mean, look at Raph, the dudes a beast there. As for the tattered rags hobo look, if you think about it, it makes sense Turtles that practice ninjutsu in a major cities sewer system would probably dress like that.

Board shorts and all.

Granted, many will jump to typing in all caps about how this somehow has led to some type of physical interference with the abstract concept of their inner child, and that is your right on the internet. For me? I’m willing to give this a wait and see. They DO look like Turtles, I can recognize each one of them at a glance. Sometimes a little updating isn’t a bad thing.

I’ll save my hate and rage for when the first slow pan explosion laden trailer hits the internet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes they put “Teenage” and “Mutant” back in the title) is still on track to hit theaters this summer.


Here’s a closer look at Leonardo and Donatello:


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