Hannibal … Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter

You remember Hannibal Lecter, right? Talented therapist, accomplished chef, good friend, and… well, closeted cannibal. Hope that wasn’t a spoiler. Anyway, in case you’ve forgotten, or don’t have the time or interest to watch episodes 1 through 13 of Hannibal, NBC has put out a six-and-a-half minute video recap of season 1. Remember the Chesapeake Ripper? The Minnesota Shrike? Dr. Abel Gideon? Well get ready, because you’re about to get a mindful. Or do I mean a mouthful? Roll the clip below:

If you do feel like going back and watching the whole first season, be it for the first time, the second time or more, it’s apparently, and conveniently, streaming now on Amazon Prime. If you haven’t caught it yet, I highly recommend it. I know there’s not a lot of room left on your plate for another TV show, much less a serial killer TV show, but if you’re a fan of the slow-burn tension of HBO’s True Detective, Hannibal did it first. (I let you reserve judgment on who does it best.)

Hannibal season two premieres on Friday February 28, 2014.

Source: The Nerdist

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