Empire Magazine have declared this week all about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Kicking things off with their reveal of 25 character covers, including our first look at the newest Sentinel, Mark X, Empire is slowing sharing more and more tantalizing bits from the most epic X-Men movie ever. Today they’ve released four new photos, like the one of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) above.

At the end of First Class Mystique had aligned herself with Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and his Brotherhood of Mutants. Throughout X-Men, X2, and X3 she’s also shown as a loyal subject (and occasional lover) of Magneto (Ian McKellen). In Days of Future Past, however, Mystique is apparently on a mission all her own, one with heavy political elements. I’m guessing this image of JLaw comes from either an attempted or successful assassination, what do you think?

The remaining photos feature Adan Canto‘s Sunspot, Ellen Page‘s Kitty Pryde, Shawn Ashmore‘s Iceman and Daniel Cudmore‘s Colossus. There’s also a shot of the elder Magneto hovering and a younger, pre-adamantium Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) with his bone claws out. Or is this a Wolverine post-The Wolverine having lost his adamantium?




X-Men: Days of Future Past releases May 23rd this year. The coveted DOFP overload issue of Empire releases tomorrow, January 30th.

Is all this new material making you more excited or nervous about the film?

Source: Empire Online

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