The release of the new Robocop reboot is almost upon us, and with it comes the last-minute marketing barrage. While most of what we’ve seen hasn’t been too impressive, making the new flick seem like just another action film that recycles an old property, the latest featurette focuses not on the man-machine that is the movie’s hero, but instead takes a look at the all-star cast in place to support the main player. Check out what is probably the best look at Robocop out there so far in the video below:

Wait, there’s some story involved in this movie? The actors get a chance to act? From the trailers I’ve seen, it seemed like it was going to be one big shoot-fest with no redeeming values other than some pretty special effects. Looks like I may have to reconsider sitting this one out.

What about the Nerd Readers? Are you onboard yet or is it a wait-for-DVD kind of film?

Check out Robocop when it hits theaters on February 12th.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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