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Welcome to another round of “WTF Has Michael Bay Done to My Childhood?” – AKA, some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot news. Earlier today, we sent out a relay on the new look that the Turtles themselves have. Now, we get a look at the chief baddie of the film, Shredder. Scroll down to check out the treatment he’s been given.


What gives? Yeah, sorry about this but we had to remove the images per a cease and desist letter from Paramount Pictures.  The rest of the article and source links will, however, remain. Should the images be removed from CBM as well, just do some internet sleuthing, you’ll find them. Lawyers can shake their desist flags, but it’s the internet, nothing disappears for good.

Kinda looks like they might have gotten a good deal on the Silver Samurai costume from The Wolverine and given it an overhaul. Is it just me? Check out this pic I found of old Silver and tell me I’m wrong.

silver samurai

Oh well, why the hell not? Shit ain’t cheap in Hollywood so you might as well pinch pennies when you can. And considering how The Wolverine ended, they probably won’t have need of the costume anytime in the near future.

So there you have it folks, the Silver Shredder is here and he shall be squaring off against the Turtles come August 8th of this year.


Thanks to Comic Book Movie for the heads-up.

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