Nerdy Bits: Undies For Nerdy Girlies, Yoda Pipe, Harry Potter Yo Mama Jokes, Ryu Kicking Taylor Swift, and MOAR!!!

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Every day the internet produces an astounding amount of goodies and gems. Most hilarious, some amusing, but all worth at least a few seconds of your time. We here at Nerd Bastards try to bring you the best bits of news and nerdery the webz has to offer, with a bit of snark thrown in. But sometimes not everything makes the cut. Monday through Friday we’ll be bringing you our inbox leftovers, our forgotten bookmarks, the nerdy bits that simply slipped through the cracks. You can submit items to Nerdy Bits by emailing us at

ABOVE: Nerds With Vaginas (no I’m not being sexist, that’s the name of the Etsy store) sells these dirty but nerdy undies. I appreciate the cheekiness (no pun intended) here, but does the product being made by girls make it any less offensive? [DudeIWantThat]


Yoda pipe. The herb is strong in this one. High you will get. [ElevatorGlass]


A giant chocolate D20 die, because why not? Critical hit to your daily calorie allowance. [ThinkGeek]


You can only wear this belt buckle of you are a shirtless bald guy. Wait, that’s me. Damn, I really hate being stereotyped like that. [ChristopherGenovse]


Cookie cutters in the shapes of classic pop culture characters. They had me at cookies. [CookiePrints]


Slytherin to some humor with these Harry Potter Yo Mamma jokes. [Cheezburger]

Ryu kicking Taylor Swift during her Grammy performance. Looks like a Swift Kick to the head if I ever saw one. [Geekologie]

Introducing Delta’s totally Awesome ’80s Safety Video w/ special stars from the decade. Being safe never felt so Rad! [TheVerge]


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  • Alex Tanner

    You make a really good point there – many women won’t be offended by these because they are offered by women. However, if a man offered them there’d likely be an uproar.

    I think they’re really funny. Can’t say I’d want the words ‘hobbit hole’ printed on my arse, but each to their own! ;)

    • lukeg37

      hehe Hobbit Hole…”I’m going on an adventure” :-P

      • Alex Tanner

        Hahaha. Going to desolate some Smaug are we?

  • Sechmeth

    I find them tasteless. No matter who offered them. They are not even…clever.