Edgar Wright Tweeting Out ‘Ant-Man’ Teasers

wright ant-man

Why these movie directors see the need to constantly tease us I will never know. But once again we’re getting a taste of something that we won’t have the opportunity to see for more than a year. This time the culprit is Edgar Wright, who has decided to Tweeter a picture of an Ant-Man costume. Scroll down to check out what he’s showing us and let the speculation begin.

60s ant-man

Well, that’s one old-ass getup. Makes you wonder if, given the fact that Wright is bringing two incarnations of Ant-Man to his adaptation, we might see some CGIed version of Michael Douglas (aka Hank Pym) running around in this suit in some sort of prelude or flashback.

Guess we’ll have to wait until July 17th of next year to find out. Or whenever Wright decides to feed us even more teasers.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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