Two months from tomorrow Captain America: The Winter Soldier will come barreling into theatres nationwide and kick off the summer blockbuster season. With it comes a lot of expectations: Will it live up to Captain America: The First Avenger? How will it stack up against Marvel‘s other post-Avengers flick, Iron Man 3? Does it do justice to the beloved “Winter Soldier” comic arc? All of this and more is resting on Cap 2‘s broad shoulders, but if the latest trailer has anything to show for it, The Winter Soldier will deliver the goods.

(Miss any other trailers from the Super Bowl?)

So that Winter Solider trailer made me want to pee my pants… just a little bit. I mean, DAMN. Does this movie look good or what!? I cannot wait for the showdown between Cap and… uhh… that mysterious masked man with the metal arm. Whomever he is.


[Potential SPOILERS Below. Proceed With Caution.]

Anyway, being that this is a Marvel flick you know a teaser for an upcoming film during the credits and possibly after the credits is a given. The Winter Soldier will be no different. According to Lainey Gossip, who have apparently already been to an early screening, the mid-credit/post-credit scene will tease the introduction of “The Twins”, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

…there’s a big reveal that general audiences won’t see coming (and ought to open some doors to fix that awful SHIELD show). But the thing that’s probably going to leave people talking the most is the post-credits stinger. They’re calling them “The Twins”, the brother-sister team of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, and they don’t look like any Marvel heroes we’ve met to date. Having seen them, I am really sad for Fox and the X-Men…

Puts FOX and the X-Men franchise to shames, does it? That’s something I really want to see! Not because of any ill will towards FOX or Bryan Singer, but I want to see “The Twins” done right and those early looks at Days of Future Past‘s Quicksilver have me worried. (Even better – and more disappointing – look at Quicksilver on his Empire cover.)

For The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson have been cast as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Think we’ll see a sneak peek at the super-powered twins at the end of The Winter Soldier? What do you expect them to look like?

Source: Lainey Gossip (via CBM)

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