We all know that The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday, February 9th, but do you know who’ll be making their unlikely return along with the show? Beware, ****POTENTIAL SPOILERS**** after the jump!


Okay, everyone who doesn’t want to be spoiled gone? Good.

As we’ve speculated before, David Morrissey hinted at a possible return to The Walking Dead by refusing to either confirm or deny whether he’d return to the show. Now, while this wouldn’t normally be any sort of indication of anything, we last saw The Governor being stabbed through the chest with a katana, before being supposedly finished off by a gunshot to the head. Well, the debate can finally end… not that it wouldn’t have ended if we would just wait and watch the show, but hey, what’s the fun in that?

According to TV Guide, we WILL in fact be seeing the dastardly, bastardly villain when the show returns. You can check out the blurb below,

Don’t expect to see too many familiar faces since Rick and Carl take center stage when the AMC drama returns. While Rick heals from his beating from The Governor — whom you will see again — Carl will lose something very important to him. (No, not his innocence!) In other news, it won’t be long before [Michonne’s backstory] is blown wide open.

Now, I know this could be referring to a zombiefied Governor showing up, but considering that it looked as though that finishing gunshot was aimed at the head if anything, I just don’t see that being the case. At the same time, I don’t see how the hell he could have survived, but it’ll be a treat to have David Morrissey back either way.

So, Nerd Readers, what do you think? Do you have any cool theories on how The Governor could return? Let us know, and don’t forget to tune in for The Walking Dead, this Sunday on AMC!



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