Disney Infinity is, for the most part, Skylanders with a broader brand recognition. Y’know, that game where you collect tiny statues of characters you can then transform into playable, in-game characters through some hocus pocus, voodoo magic. Well guess what? Disney Infinity‘s brand recognition is about to get even bigger. Think about it, you’re Disney and you hold the rights to the likes of Iron Man and Darth Vader–why wouldn’t you include them in your latest hit video game?

That’s exactly what’s about to happen, according to the WSJ. They’re reporting,

New versions of Infinity featuring characters from Disney’s Marvel superhero unit and the Star Wars universe it acquired along with Lucasfilm in 2012 are being developed.

You mean everyone from Thor to The Hulk to Darth Maul and Yoda? Yup! Again, assuming the WSJ‘s sources are true (and we don’t really have any reason to doubt they are).

Currently, Disney Infinity is populated by Pixar characters mostly. There are a few live-action properties like Pirates of Caribbean and The Lone Ranger, plus Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Otherwise, the only other “true” Disney characters are Elsa and Anna from Frozen. Adding even more characters from bought properties, like Marvel and Lucasfilm, over including more characters from the House of Mouse itself seems a bit of a misstep.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally pumped by the news superheroes and Jedi may soon be options for Disney Infinity. I’d just to see a little more recognition for their old school properties. Those are the characters Disney built their name on, show them some love!

I don’t actually play Disney Infinity ’cause I’m not really down with its initial setup cost of having to buy the game, the statues, the power-up discs, plus the damn stand that allows for the characters to enter the virtual world of the game. But–if you’ve already invested, are you interested in adding some Marvel and Star Wars characters to your current line-up? How about if you’re not playing Disney Infinity, would more original Disney characters or their newer acquisitions get you interested?

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