You know Chris Carter from his work on The X-Files, now you can get a peek at his latest project for Amazon, The After.

Carter wrote and directed the pilot which will be available to view on Amazon soon. If enough viewers vote for it, then production on the first season will get the Amazon green-light. How about that, viewers and fans for the show are the only ones that can vote it forward. Unfortunately, there’s no embed-able copy available out on the Internet yet, so you’ll have to click over to EW to check it out, but come back and let’s discuss what you saw. Here’s an on set picture of the pilot:



Eight strangers are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation.

Yeah, it’s pretty vague, but that’s the point. We might not find out what is really happening until the end of the first season. Carter is great at hinting and boxing around the edges of what is really happening in the story, just look at any episode of The X-Files. Will he be able to hook enough viewers to get the green light? I’ll be checking it out just for Carter’s involvement and would like to see the series get a chance at a full season. What about you? Via: EW

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