star wars rebels

While we impatiently await the time when Disney will release the first new installment of the Star Wars franchise, we do have at least a little hope on the horizon – the Star Wars Rebels animated television show. It’s coming up sometime later in the year and will be giving us a look at the events that occurred in the long gap between Episode III and Episode IV. Now, to help with the marketing, Disney has seen fit to release some artwork for the show. Check out six pieces of Imperial propaganda below.

rebels poster 2

rebels poster 4

rebels poster 6

rebels poster 1

rebels poster 3

rebels poster 5

And apparently, you can have this artwork for your very own. According to IGN:

This week, Lucasfilm is doing a special mailing to 2500 lucky individuals around the world, who will be receiving a special gift from the Empire. The contents include a set of six limited edition cards that represent the world of Star Wars Rebels – original illustrations from Amy Beth Christenson, a member of the Lucasfilm Animation art department working on Star Wars Rebels.

Hopefully this little peek will help to tide you over until the actual show airs on Disney XD sometime this fall.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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