What’s the latest water cooler talk about the casting of Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four Reboot? Michael B. Jordan is attached as Johnny Storm (Fox exercised their option on Jordan after the success of Chronicle), but others are still testing for the remaining three leads. Who is it this time?

Word about the Internet is that Emmy Rossum (Day After Tomorrow, Shameless):


and Kara Mara (127 Hours, House of Cards):

KATE MARA in the movie Shooter image

are screen testing this week for Sue Storm with Miles Teller (Project X, Rabbit Hole):


doing more reading for Reed Richards, perhaps reading with the ladies to discover any possible chemistry.

The Josh Gad talk has been debunked, but we do know that Christian Cook (Cemetery Junction, Magic City) has tested for Ben Grimm.

christian cooke

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about the fab four casting, but what about the villain? These days the villain is just as important as the heroes who stop them. Doctor Doom is the front-runner, and some are saying that Trank is open to a female taking that iconic Fantastic Four role. Combine that with the already out there rumor that Trank is hoping for a big name actor or actress for the role and you’ve got some Internet controversy magic.

What big name Hollywood actresses do you think might get considered for that?

As big a Doctor Doom fan as I am, I’m still hoping that Trank will go with the Mole Man, or better still, some Skrulls including the Super Skrull as the rebooted frachise’s first villain. We’ve seen Doom on the big screen, it’s time to move on to other villains. Bring Doom in for the third movie. He could be the driving force behind what ever villains the Fantastic Four face in the first two.

What villain, or villains, would you like to see?

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