felicia day

Those that subscribe to actress Felicia Day’s feeds know by now that the starlet turned geek-content producer underwent a major life change recently. And by major life change I mean that she cut her hair. Yes, those long red locks have been hacked away and Day is now sporting a pixie cut. Apparently, some of her fans took offence to this, voicing their disapproval with rude remarks. While most of the idiocy has been ignored, Day did feel the need to take to her tumblr page and comment on one particular picture that’s been accompanying said remarks. Scroll down to check out what she had to say.

felicia day rant

The truth is out – you don’t have to be smart in order to learn how to use the Internet and troll people. Personally, I loved her long hair, but speaking as a dude that once sported hair that would rival Day’s, it’s a pain in the ass to take care of. And nobody’s business whether you decide to chop it or not.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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