Relax, I didn’t just mean to imply that Marc Forster, the man who gave us the worst Daniel Craig Bond Quantum of Solace and the accidentally decent World War Z, is doing another half-assed Total Recall reboot. Nope. But he is taking his next movie to the red planet, that is to say he’s using Mars as a setting and not actually going to Mars, with an adaptation of the sci-fi book Red Rising. What is this Red Rising I speak of, and will you want to see it in theaters? Read on.

According to Deadline, a couple of Hollywood studios are looking to turn Red Rising, which is the first book in a trilogy, into the next great sci-fi franchise. Obviously, despite the anxiety about the last time someone tried to turn a Mars-based science fiction opus (coughJohnCartercough) in a profitable series, Hollywood likes the smell of anything that can become a franchise, and the Powers That Be think that the series by author Pierce Brown has the, ahem, right stuff.

So what’s it about?

“Questions of fate, duality, and loyalty, evolve in a cruel test of war between the sons and daughters of the ruling elite.”

Seriously, what’s it about?

A man named Darrow is a miner that toils under the surface of Mars, struggling to find a certain mineral that will allow humans to make the surface of the Red Planet more hospitable. Darrow learns though that the ruling class of Mars is already living high off the hog on the surface, and after he suffers a “devastating loss” he becomes a revolutionary against the Martian one percenters that are keeping him down. Sounds like good reading, hopefully it will be good watching too.

More news as it develops.

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