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ABOVE: Now this is a Superbowl we’d like to see! John Raya created Star Wars inspired designs for all 32 NFL teams. A game between the Jawas and the Wookies would be pretty fun to watch. [Technabob

krang belt

Hey look, we found you the perfect accessory to wear to the TMNT movie release, a KRANG belt buckle! [Etsy]


If KRANG isn’t your thing, then try these constellation earrings on for size. These Big Dipper and Little Dipper earrings are a ThinkGeek exclusive and would be perfect on the ears of any space nerd.

my little daleks

Never underestimate a nerd’s ability to combine fandoms into crocheted cuteness. I’m sure these little Daleks, created by Country Geek Crochet, would be right at home in the Asylum of the Daleks.

creepy makeup

Makeup bloggers are a dime a dozen, but Stephanie Fernandez, an 18 year old from Louisiana, is as unique as they come. Stephanie is impressively talented, not just because she’s so young, but also because she’s completely self taught. Without any formal training, she creates looks like the one above. You can see more of her amazing makeup on her website and at Geeks Are Sexy.

khal and khaleesi robes

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you haven’t bought your beloved geek a gift, these his and hers Khal and Khaleesi robes from ThinkGeek are perfect. Stay warm and cozy while you fight for your rightful throne and take care of your baby dragons!

TARDIS boots

Speaking of staying warm and cozy, these TARDIS boots will do the trick! I’m not much of a fan of the UGG look, but I make exceptions for time and relative dimensions in space. [Fashionably Geek]

zelda cake

Wow. This Legend of Zelda cake, by Karolina Cake Designer, leaves me speechless! The detail on Link is beyond amazing. Between the Pages has more photos.

HISHE takes on the Phantom Menace. While this certainly improves upon the prequel, not sure it salvages it. Maybe HISHE can just remake the entire film? [Geeks Are Sexy]

I wonder if people would have had such a strong reaction to Coke’s Super Bowl ad if the brand had gone with this nerdier version by GarlicJacksonComedy that includes Dothraki, morse code, dolphin and Klingon – among others. [ToplessRobot]

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy… TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)

leeloo shirt

tmnt starry night


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