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It’s been a while since we last heard news about it, but producer Joel Silver is indeed still pursuing his dreams of rebooting the Escape From New York franchise. Some may consider this akin to blasphemy, but rest assured that the project is still a long ways off. In a recent interview with Collider, Silver had a few things to say about the state of affairs, the story and what he hopes to bring to the franchise. Scroll down for all the juicy details.

When asked about the script and whether he had something ready to go, Silver had this to say:

“No, no we’re not, no we’re not. I mean, it’s funny because we have a relationship with Studio Canal, which somehow ended up with the rights to that, and it has been floating around LA or at least in the development world for a long time.”

About his plans to make the reboot into a trilogy:

“I always liked Kurt’s character, the Snake Plissken character, so I’ve always like that idea, but we kind of figured out a way to do almost a trilogy of that story.”

And about the plans he has to tell that trilogy:

“There was a videogame that came out a few years ago called Arkham City, which shows how when Gotham became this kind of walled prison and how it became a walled prison. And they never deal with that in the story of Escape from New York, so part of our idea was to kind of see how the city became this walled prison and how the Snake Plissken character was a hero and how he became not looked at as a hero. And then, in the middle of the story, would be the movie that we, you know, previously saw about the President’s daughter goes down, he has to go in and get her. And then, you know, they did a sequel, Escape from LA, but I would like to then kind of find a way to have New York go back to a place that we’d like to see what it is today.”

Again, the movie(s) is (are) a long way off still. Lovers of John Carpenter’s original version can rest easy for now.

What say you, Nerd Readers? Is this something you’d want to see? Is it a bad idea to recast the role of Snake? Should Silver go jump off a cliff and save us the trouble of drawing-and-quartering him?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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