90’s ‘Flash’ Actor to Guest Star on New Series

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The success and acclaim of CW’s Arrow has sired a spin-off featuring DC’s famous fast man The Flash. Its premiere won’t air for a while, but we can only assume/hope it will have the same delightful mix of super hero action, angst and DC universe references as Arrow. While we patiently await its arrival (ironic how we’re waiting on one of the fastest super heroes ever to grace our presence), some children of the 90’s have reason to rejoice. An actor from the original Flash series will be appearing on the show. Who is it? Read on through for the reveal!


The CW has announced that John Wesley Shipp, who played Barry Allen/The Flash in the 1990s TV series, has joined the cast of he CW and Warner Bros. Television’s pilot THE FLASH.

Shipp will guest star in the pilot in a mystery role, with the part intended to be a recurring guest star in series. No further details about the role/character are being released at this time.

First of all, am I the only one that remembers John Wesley Shipp as the poor man’s Bruce Campbell (always thought there was an uncanny resemblance)? Second, and most importantly, this is great news! The 90’s Flash series was a stellar super hero show for its day. The costume was boss, the effects were… OK that effects sucked. I just remember things better than they actually were. But, you know what, the episodic stories were good for what they were (at least in my 90’s kid eyes) and Shipp made a good Barry Allen. Oh, and let’s not forget Mark Hamill’s infamous reoccurring and ridiculous role as The Trickster.

It’s nice to see the CW paying homage to its predecessor by given its main star a spot on the new series. I, for one, miss John Wesley Shipp. It”ll be good to see him on television again.

How do the rest of you 90′s kids feel about this? Good that they’re acknowledging the original series, or should they have stayed the hell away from it and just let it be it’s own show?

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  • Tom Flynn

    So help me, if he comes in front of the camera and someone calls out to him “Mr. Garrick? Are you Jay Garrick?” I will fall to my knees and cry.

  • Anthony Winkler

    He’s either gonna be Jay Garrick or Darryl Frye, the family friend who raised him after his mother was murdered and his father was sent to prison for it. That would make a reoccurring part that wouldn’t need to be in every show.

    • Matt

      He’ll be Barry Allen’s dad in prison. That is a role that would not be reoccurring every episode. They already have stated that the family that took him in would be the black cop and his daughter.

  • Rob Dotzler

    As a non-90’s kid, am I allowed to say “Wow, look at those boobies bounce!”? or does that make me some sort of cretin from an earlier and by gone era when discussing the video you’ve chosen to present us? Also, does that make any complaints anyone should make more or less valid as this NerdBastards,com has added the UNISEX FITTED TEE an ad on this page which features nothing but young women, wearing tees, many with large breasts and some exposed with exposed abdomens? If you have a problem with my statement, how about you get a grip, without sexuality, does any comic book make it off the shelves? We are not an asexual species, just sayin’ and more power to all of us for it.

    Man, I sure hope the PC police hasn’t found this place out or we’ll all be in for an annoying bunch of bullsh*t, f*cking crybabies.

    • lukeg37

      what on earth are you babbling on about, and how is it of any relevance, whatsoever, to John Wesley Ship appearing on Flash?

      • Rob Dotzler

        lukeg37, first, nobody asked for your opinion on my comment, though I would profoundly stand for your right to ask. I’m terribly sorry you are too stupid to figure it out. My point is, that there was a pair of bouncing tits in the video given to us as part of the article and most guys have been attacked for commenting on such things before. Women who are disgusted by men who comment on such things spew venom at those who react and I rarely comment on these things, in fact, I usually take a more progressive view. But I am sick of us being attacked for our sexuality while they can rant on theirs.

        They often use such things to denigrate men who might have an interest in such things. So, I’d imagine you are brand f*cking new to the internet or are just ignorant of such things. It’s all in an attempt to feminize men, while hiding under the tent of being PC. That’s all I was pointing out. If you can’t handle my opinion, then f*ck you, it’s just my opinion and I’m sick of the fact that women get bent over guys like Joe Manganiello but can sh*t all over men who enjoy the quality of a beautiful female or her attributes. If you can’t understand my point, then you are a f*cking moron.

        Do I have to spell it out anymore than that? If I do, feel free to make another point, pinhead. I knew some stupid sh*t would start an argument over my point, I just didn’t think it would be a dude, but then again, you probably aren’t yet a man. That’s not a babble, that’s being well informed about as much of American opinion as all of us should be. Do you get my point now? If not, join a seminary.

        • Ecce

          How about this an some non-pc bullsh*t? Get over yourself. Picking random news articles to go in and type a rant out of nowhere doesn’t make you a stand-up guy. It makes you the crazy b@st@rd on the side of the road holding the “End is Nigh” sign. If you enjoy boobs, then enjoy them.

        • SmokingFrog77

          How vacant and empty your life must be to expend so much rage over so little. Go outside and lead your life in peace, and grant the rest of us the same chance.

        • lukeg37

          Wow. Um.. OK. You are clearly the universes biggest internet troll. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. I marvel at your craft at being such a colossal cretin of the web. Bravo!

      • Rob Dotzler

        Oh yeah, it’s John Wesley Shipp doink, check your work next rant *sshole.

    • j4ckl3

      Actually yes that was the first thing I noticed. LOL!

    • http://www.geekgirldiva.com/ Geek Girl Diva

      Here’s something that would be interesting…

      If you took the basic gist of this comment and a) shared it somewhere topical b) did it without all the vitriol, you might get an actual discussion.

      But you chose to drop it here, and rant your ass off and generally then get shitty with people who ask you how or why it’s relevant to a story on The Flash.

      So, how about this. Blog it somewhere and ask for commentary and/or discussion. Otherwise, save it for an article that’s relevant.

      And if you really want to have the discussion, I know a ton of ladies who’d have it rationally. Just let me know ;-)

  • Laz

    Is that Mark Hamill as the Trickster?

    • SmokingFrog77


  • j4ckl3

    You can just hear the joker in Mark.

  • j4ckl3

    Now being Mark back as the Trickster, that would be awesome!

  • A Jason Tabrys

    Bimbo fish sticks and cat videos. APPLESAUCE? Applesauce.