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ABOVE: I’d make a pithy/witty Game of Thrones comment, but I can’t get over how calm she looks, sitting on that icy throne. She’s got to be freezing in that summer dress, sitting on a mountain’s worth of snow and ice in her bare feet. Not to mention that Joffrey isn’t going to be pleased she is sitting there.  [NerdApproved]


As if getting a girl into your bedroom isn’t hard enough, now you’ve got to storm a castle and bring down the draw bridge once you get her there. You say, “What if it’s her bedroom?” Hope you’re good with lock picks. If her Dad made her this bedroom, she’s probably wearing a replica Chastity belt. [Geekologie]


Is no one going to comment on the Covenant of the Ark replica that baby Indiana Jones is playing with? That thing is face melting dangerous, and don’t get me started on the whole, “Indy isn’t really necessary in the movie plot, the ark would still be safe thing.” [FashionablyGeek]


Of course you want this elegant Game of Thrones cake at your wedding, because nothing bad EVER happens at the weddings in Game of Thrones. They all end and the guests NEVER EVER FORGET THEM. I’m leaving any reception that has a themed cake from that show. [That’sNerdalicious]


This Jabba the Hutt snowman proves that you shouldn’t eat brown snow either. [CheezeBurger]

“When Zombies Come” is a short documentary about surviving the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. They make some great plans, but I imagine they’ll be Zombie bait in short order. All that blusterous talk will go right out the window the first time they encounter a real biter. I imagine their high pitched screems will just attract more Zombies to the Ace Hardware feeding ground. Then the real survivors will find all that stuff, just ready for them to step in. [Dorkly]

Just another one of those things you want, but cannot have. Tony Swatton forges the Halo Energy Sword. Damn that looks sweet, gut would you have the wrist strength to use it properly? [AWE me]

What do you think about this fan-made trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII? I’m ready for the real thing… [TheAwesomer]

Too soon. Now I am crying in front of my monitor for a dead Meth Kingpin that deserved to go out with a much harsher and more painful death. Facebook Look Back video for Walter White. [Kotaku]

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