For the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series – Disney‘s first Star Wars project – we’ve met the bad guy and the requisite astro droid. Today, Lucasfilm unveiled the cartoon’s first human character, Kanan, a Jedi survivor who swapped his lightsaber for a blaster in order to keep up appearances.

Kanan is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr., who spoke with USA Today and teased the kind of guy his character will be:

He’s been forced to shove a massive part of his life under the bed, so to speak. Is he living a lie? At a certain point, the lie kind of becomes the reality. And to suddenly be forced back into your Jedi ways, it’d be a bit of a challenge for him. And pretty awesome, too, when you can see what a Jedi can actually do.

Executive producer Dave Filoni (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) describes Kanan as a “cowboy Jedi“, but he’s more than a Han Solo who believes in The Force. He’s seen some stuff, man, and that lingering grief over the fallout of Order 66 weighs heavily on him.

Prinze adds:

He definitely has seen more than what a young man should see. And what he had to see was pretty much the worst thing you would have to witness.

Kanan will be part of the crew on The Ghost along with the mechanic droid, Chopper. Like before, Lucasfilm has released a video introducing us to the character – check it out!

Whatcha think? I’m excited to meet more of Ghost’s crew, which I imagine will happen before long. I’m also crossing my fingers there’s at least one lady on that ship. Otherwise, you’ll be hearing from me, Disney, and it’ll be nothing but rage.

Not matter what, I’ll be tuning in. I still miss The Clone Wars something fierce, but a series set in the years between Episodes III and IV that is drawing its inspiration from the work of Ralph McQuarrie? I am SO there.

Star Wars Rebels premieres this fall on Disney XD with a one-hour special.

Source: USA Today (via /Film)

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