Yup, Bo is dark, and her reaction is predictable. “Bull$#!%” she tells the Una mens. “You think I’d remember betraying everything I stand for.” The short answer is that yes she did, and no she doesn’t. After last week’s sort of middling outing, Lost Girl found its mojo again as Bo dealt with the repercussions of her supposed allegiance, Lauren has a surprising return to town, Vex suffers a shocking loss, and Kenzi takes in another stray.

To being with Bo and Kenzi head to The Morrigan’s office, where you’re always the 69th number served (for some reason). Instead of finding Vex in charge, it turns out Evony’s back and she’s sporting a very cute Bob (the hairdo), and you can’t even tell that a few week’s ago she was minus one eye. Bo wants out of “Club Evil” and Evony says that if her joining the dark was not legit, then she’s more than willing to give Bo the clues to undo it at a Dark Céilidh she’s putting on that afternoon. Oh, and Bo has to undo her Dark Fae allegiance by the next full moon, which, as luck would have it, is that night.

The Dark Céilidh, it turns out, was not what you’d expect: tree huggers, bad swag, and no UFC fighters, but that wasn’t the end of the surprises. While Dyson was out-of-town looking for Lauren, Lauren had found her way home thanks to Evony. And if returning Bo’s love to her wasn’t enough, Evony also promises to give Bo every last ounce of her support to find Vex, because “the Una mens won’t leave town till all the loose ends are tied up, and Vex is the loosest end.” The Una mens also implied that Vex had something to do with Bo being cast in the dark mould so  she’s going to kill two birds with one mesmer: shed her dark dedication and give the Una mens the man they want.

Of course, to imply that Vex is all the Una mens want is something of an understatement on Evony’s part, or a lie if you will. The ones in charge of enforcing the Blood Laws summon the man who wrote them, Trick. And here’s something weird, even though the Una mens were sanction by the Blood King to enforce his laws, they seem to not recognize him when he’s standing in front of them.

We also get a bit of origin: after writing the Blood Laws, the Blood King became corrupted, his daughter was offered up in some kind of sacrifice(?) and five fae were chosen to cast off their souls and individuality to be the Una mens. Number six was supposed to be the Blood King himself, but he took his sacred seed and ran the other way, and before you ask, yes, Trick still has his magic seed. The Dal’s bartender manages to avoid suspicion on the part of the Una mens, so much so that Trick will be busy with his new duties granted to them by the Una mens, those of the acting Ash.

In other messed up situations, Kenzi and Tamsin join Bo at the Dark Céilidh and discover their old friend Bruce being used as a sushi tray. Aghast, Kenzi moves to make things right by having Tamsin challenge the fae Bruce is currently indentured to so that they can free him from further embarrassment. Tasmin’s dual of choice, seeing as how she’s still got the emotional maturity of a pre-teen, is a Dance Off! (To the death.) Tamsin might not have had the moves as compared to her surprisingly spry rival, but if there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s go into a roll head first while having a dance off with a valkyrie. Long  story short, Kenzi takes responsibility for another wayward fae.

In the quest for Vex, Bo gets some knockout juice from Lauren and a sacred blade called the  Scimitar of Chronos courtesy of a scavenger fae named Pietra. Pietra is a fun addition, a kind of fan girl excited to on the case with the famous succubus and her hot human doctor girlfriend. Samantha Espie, who plays Pietra, was a fun addition to the episode, but don’t let the pink dress and the bow in her hair fool you, she knows how to handle dark business. That was part of the fun of the episode though, it plays against the expectations of the Dark Fae with their environmental stewardship, and willingness to solve conflicts through dance offs. As Evony observes, the Dark Fae have a “refreshing lack of hypocrisy,” which includes party-jacking a wedding reception and killing the bride and groom. (“You didn’t think the Dark paid for things,” asked Bruce to a perplexed Kenzi.)

So Vex is hiding out in the one place no one would expect him to be: Dyson’s. Using mesmer trickery, he captures Bo and she bears witness to Vex’s sacrificing his diseased left hand, which he lops off with the Scimitar of Chronos. Apparently free of the Una mens punishment, Vex wants to flee town, but Bo wants to know what he knows about her being Dark. Vex admits he knows nothing, but if Bo wants to know who sponsored her, it’s as simple as asking the Morrigan’s archivist. When Bo confronts Evony all she gets is more questions. On the archivist’s scalp, which is how he keep records (I guess) is Bo’s signature pledging to the Dark, as well as the signature of her sponsor, Reyner.

Reyner? Wasn’t this The Wanderer’s gag? I hope there’s more to this mystery than just replacing “The Wanderer” with “Reyner” because nom du plume is not my idea of getting answers to this lingering (and lingering) mystery. However, I am intrigued as to why the Una mens had a freak out when they saw the name in the King’s Book of Records. The Una mens are basically the Robocops of the fae world, logical machines that make sure people are law-abiding, what could make them break that perfect veneer? “No, it cannot be. Never again,” says the Una mens. Funny I was thinking the same thing about the mysteries around The Wanderer, who, according to Vex, is a fae boogeyman. Really, who is this guy?

In other news, someone made off with Trick’s sacred jumping bean. What’s the deal with that? Does anyone else think this season’s going to end with one of our heroes becoming an Una mens 2.0? Before I let you ponder that I will say that I enjoyed the Dark Céilidh, but was slightly annoyed at Lauren’s self-centred decision to go to work for the Dark because the Light didn’t look for her, while forgetting, accidentally or not, she was working for someone who was capturing, killing, and experimenting on fae. I’ve never bought into any Team Dyson or Team Lauren dynamic, nor has the series ever sold me one, but now I’m seriously Team Dyson. If he only because he makes living in the back of a dingy gym look badass.

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