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Some of you out there may have heard of a fan-made adaption of Steven Spielberg’s massively popular Raiders of the Lost Ark. Appropriately titled Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, it was put together by a small group of kids with just one goal in mind – remake the entire film, shot-for-shot. Now the kids that did it are back for more. Being as how they were in their pre-teens when they started the seven-year project, there wasn’t a lot of money to make it perfect. Using a new Kickstarter campaign, they hope to change that.

The guys in question, Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and cinematographer Jayson Lamb, were never able to shoot one of the most epic scenes from the original, the one where the giant bald Nazi gets cut to pieces by the rotating airplane (sorry, spoilers there). Now they’re trying to raise $50,000 to make the completion of their dream a reality. Yup, that’s a lot of green, but building an airplane replica ain’t exactly cheap, is it? Neither is cutting a giant bald Nazi into pieces, for that matter.

Apparently, their adaptation has attracted quite a bit of attention over the years. From Eli Roth to Spielberg himself, many have sung the songs of praise. There’s even a documentary about the making of it in the works as well as another film that follows the story of these Raiders fans.

Of course, everyone is about 25 years older this time around, so there might be a slight continuity issue. But if you want to see it happen, head to their Kickstarter page and send them some love (and by love, I actually mean money).


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