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It’s still a ways off, but the hype for Marvel/Disney’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy flick is in full swing. A lesser known title of the Marvel universe, the movie promises to bring us something that we haven’t seen before and, hopefully, will do it in a way that blows our minds. But since there are still a few months to go, we shall have to satisfy ourselves with a few sneak peeks instead. Luckily, we’ve got some pictures of the new Guardians of the Galaxy toy line, a little bit of test footage showing off the two non-human characters of the story, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, and a possible date for the release of the movie’s first trailer. Scroll on for all the delicious Guardians goodness.

First up – Toys! We’ve already seen what the characters look like via various still-shots, but now we get to see what we’ll be able to buy and set on our shelves. Check these pictures out and see what you think:

guardians toys 1

guardians toys 2

Next up, some test footage. Here is an animated raccoon riding on the back of a giant tree and shooting a machine gun (that is one sentence I never thought I would ever type…).

And finally, the trailer shall be arriving (if the rumors are indeed true) next Tuesday, February 18th. So prepare your butts for some potential awesome.


Thanks to Yahoo, /film and Movieweb for helping us serve up a Guardians sandwich of epic proportions.

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