transformers age of extinction

Whether you’re looking forward to Michael Bay’s latest installment of the big screen Transformers franchise or not, you have to admit that these movies do tend to produce some pretty awesome toys. I mean, that’s pretty much the reason they keep making them, right? Well, now we have some pictures of the latest Transformers: Age of Extinction toys for you to check out. Scroll down to make all your childhood memories flood to life once more.

grimlock 1

grimlock 2

optimus prime

prime in package

t-toys 1

t-toys 2

t-toys 3

t-toys 4

t-toys 5

t-toys 6

t-toys 7

t-toys 8

t-toys 9Okay, is too late to retract my statement about these toys being awesome? Maybe I’m spoiled because I grew up with the Transformers toys that were made out of metal, but some of these things look bad. Like Chinese knock-off bad. Do kids really have such low standards for what they play with these days, or has the past gone away, never to return?

Sigh… If you need me, I’ll be crying tears of remorse for toys-gone-by.


Thanks to USA Today for the heads-up.

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