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ABOVE: Street Fighter Dhalsim tattoo by Alain Head Art  is a total K.O. ” Peace and tranquility… This is the way of Yoga”, also appropriate mantra while getting your skin scratched at with a needle repeatedly, in the name of art.  [Kotaku]


This shirt turns you into Deadpool at the drop of a taco. [UrbanCollector]


A beautiful Boba Fett leather street jacket from the peeps UD Replicas. Spending hundreds of dollars on nerdy leather wear is all to easy. [Geek Alerts]


DOTA 2 Queen Of Pain by Tasha Cosplay. I’m reviewing her points of entry, you know, for attack purposes.  [FashionablyGeek]

Every time I think about saying no to having kids, some sappy video like this “baby reacting to Superman flying for the first time” changes my perspective. Maybe having a youngling ain’t so bad after all.  [Geekologie]

Pokeballer rap. Hot Misty, not enough Brock, overall awesome! [IO9]

When you come home to find your furniture torn to shit, you’re first reaction may be “oh cool Wolverine was here, in MY home” but then you realize it was your cat being an asshole.  [Neatorama]

From wearing their underwear outside their clothes to going on adventures with young boys, superheroes do a lot of things that’d be creepy if you did them in real life. [Buzzfeed]


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