Sunday night on The Walking Deadreview here!three more souls joined AMC’s post apocalyptic, zombie infested world: Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Rosita (Christian Serratos), and Eugene (Josh McDermmit). Fans of the comics know just who I’m talking about and why it’s an exciting development. Everyone else, just take my word for it. Or if not mine, then Cudlitz’s. The actor spoke with THR about his character and what we can expect now that Abraham’s on the scene.

[SPOILERS ahead for THE WALKING DEAD season 4, episode 10 “Inmates”]

THR: What do these characters bring to the series? How will their arrival change the fabric of the show?

Cudlitz: Between the three, there’s this sibling dynamic. They have been traveling in a small group for a while and were part of a larger group and we’ll learn more about that later. Something happened with [Abraham] in the military; and a lot of shit has happened to the point that they’ve been diluted and reduced down to these three. There’s this bickering, strange hierarchy and weird group dynamic that we have not seen before. There are a lot of things that when you look at them from the outside make them seem like a massively dysfunctional family. There are going to be some moments where you’re laughing at these people and the choices they’re making and the way they’re handling each other. That’s not something that you’ve done a lot of during the previous episodes of The Walking Dead. There aren’t a lot of light moments that happen, but they bring that in.

THR: What can you say about this mission they’re on? Do they still have hope for this world?

Cudlitz: They have a bigger mission that they’re on. They’re not locked in this day-to-day rhetorical self-examination of life and what does it all mean. You take one of Abraham’s lines from the series and he says, “You know what we’re doing here: If it’s dead, f—ing kill it.” They don’t discuss it, talk about their feelings and what they should do or if they should take a vote. Abraham is more like, “By the time you all have your f—ing meeting, I’ll have handled it already.” They are not a Boy Scout Troop.

There you go, that’s a bit of a tease of what’s coming down the line. Abraham is certainly a take no bullshit kind of guy and once he starts interacting with the series’ other “alpha men” – Rick, Tyreese, Daryl – they’ll clash, but he’ll also be a valuable addition. No doubt about that!

THR: He seems like a much different leader than we’ve seen on the series so far.

Cudlitz: Yes. He’s a sergeant and he’s a very typical sergeant; he’s not the guy who designs the entire plan — he’s the guy who will execute an element of it and do it immediately without question. He’s not necessarily someone who is going to be the king — or someone you’d even want to be the king — he’s the guy you’d want as your first, the guy leading a section of a larger plan. Ultimately, he’s good for [Rick’s] group because there are a lot of reluctant leaders and people doing what they have to do. Abraham is a leader by nature; he’s not reluctant about it. There’s no question in his ability or willingness to do what he has to do. Because of what happened to him prior to his arrival, he has nothing else left. He’s balls-in everything he does!

Yup, that’s Abraham, “balls-in” whatever he’s doing.

Do go check out Cudlitz’s entire interview with THR, but be aware it does contain SPOILERS for the comics.

Excited to have new people joining the cast on The Walking Dead? How do you think these three will shake up the dynamic? How soon till Abraham gets a chance to let loose on some walkers?

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