Somewhere in Hawaii, it begins. And by “it,” I mean Jurassic World, the long-awaited (in development) third sequel to Steven Spielberg‘s 1993 blockbuster, Jurassic Park. Some sneaky Pete’s snapped some shots of the currently being constructed set of Jurassic World in the Aloha state, at the same location they filmed the first film 22 years ago. The spy pics are below, but be warned, they don’t show much unless you’re gaga for buildings in the process of being built.

Courtesy of a website called OnLocationVacations, a couple of shots were shared from the site of Kualoa Ranch showing… something. Something that is currently being built on the property that has do with Jurassic World.

Check it out:

And here’s the accompanying blurb with the photos:

“Set construction is underway at Kualoa Ranch, where the original film was also shot back in 1993, and can be seen from the Pali Lookout, near Chinaman’s Hat and the fishpond. Our tipster also spotted directional signs posted at the construction entrance that say EBB.”

For the record, “EBB Tide” is the codename for Jurassic World’s location shoot, which seems to make this a fairly legit discovery. Clearly, director Colin Trevorrow and company are already hard at work on the new film.

Jurassic World is currently scheduled to be released in theaters in the summer of 2015.

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