When the episode starts with opera singing, you know it’s going to be a classy affair. This week’s Lost Girl felt like a back-to-basics adventure where Bo, perpetually raging against the machine, tried to help another locked between a rock and hard place, someone with the desire to be free from centuries of tradition to live their own life, their own way. The Una mens and the who’s-dark-now questions seemed to take a back burner, but Bo’s questions get more questions as to how she became dark, and what’s Wanderer/Reynor/Dad got to do with it?

“Of All the Gin Joints,” a reference to the classic line from Casablanca, fitting took place predominately in the Dal. As Bo and Kenzi drown their sorrows after Tamsin seemingly left home to find herself, a fae named Ianka arrives, sees Bo and says, “I can’t believe I found you.” Bo can’t believe it either because she’s never, to her recollection, met Ianka before, but Ianka is insistent, she had met Bo, and Bo told her to come and find her and she’d set her free.

So why does Ianka need to be freed? She’s an alcanist, a kind of fae descended from birds who feeds through song, and it seems it’s kind of a thing that alcanists are owned by powerful fae families, and Ianka is very in demand. She’s currently owned by Bamber, but he stole her from Marcus. The two have a beef that spans the centuries, and Ianka has been made the prize they’re fighting over, and if you think that sits well with our unaligned dark succubus, then you don’t know Bo!

Bo has a selfish reason for helping Ianka though as the alcanist’s song can unlock some of the erased memories from Bo’s time away. We get fleeting glimpses of Bo lying in a bed, finding a crown with her name on it, and running through a field, and in the end she sees herself looking in a mirror and seeing a silvery hand print on her neck. “Oh no, please, I can’t do this,” she says. It seems that Bo was no mere prisoner while being disappeared, and it seems that she was very conscious that a memory loss was in her future, and set about establishing some clues for herself. That’s interesting, which in turn makes this storyline more interesting. If nothing else, I was pleased that Bo wasn’t passive and helpless during her – ahem – summer vacation, she’s such a strong and proactive character, and I think these are the traits our heroine’s been missing in the first half of the season.

Long story short, Ianka thinks that Marcus is in love with her and wants to take her away from all the back and forth, but Marcus just wants to use her to sing the death note and kill all of Bamber’s family. Ianka doesn’t take that well, and uses her death note on Marcus instead, and although singing it in her weakened state causes her own demise, Ianka is pleased because she dies free, just like her hero Bo, who is told her that she can’t change what’s inside no matter what she’s pledged. Word.

Still, Bo comes to an interesting conclusion on par with her realization that she’s her own puppet-master, what if pledging dark was part of the plan? But what is that plan, and what is that plan guarding against or protecting from? Come to think of it, the Dark Fae have always gotten the short end of the stick on the show. Until recently almost all of our main characters were Light Fae, but now Bo’s Dark, Kenzi, being Bo’s human companion, is Dark by proxy, and Lauren’s employed by the Dark. If these developments allow nothing else, then let it be some insight into the Dark Side of Lost Girl. Last week’s Dark Céilidh was a nice start, but what other day in the dark life situations can we get up to?

Speaking of Dark Matters (hehheh), Evony dropped in on Lauren as the doc was packing up her stuff to move into new digs, and they bonded over pizza and beer. The beer was Evony’s own brand called Dark Belch, and… You know what? Evony’s being weird, and girly. She wants to make a friend in Lauren and Lauren’s drinking the Kool-Aid. At least that’s what we’re supposed to think until Lauren does something sciencey, and collects a sample off her lips after kissing Evony. If it weren’t for the trauma of seeing Lauren kiss The Morrigan, I might be more curious as to what the doc might be up, but I am traumatized.

In other developments Kenzi and Hale made their relationship official, complete with the receipt of the Russian stink eye. It’s cute, it’s been a long time in coming, but what’s up with Hale bleeding from his ear after Ianka’s death song? Bo wasn’t affected, and Kenzi was incapacitated, but was Hale affected negatively? I’ve got a bad feeling about this, to borrow a phrase. And speaking of bad feelings, the Una mens pop up near the end to claim Dyson. What do they want Dyson for? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Whether it was Marcus’ Steampunk inspired attire, or Lauren’s Trekkie confession, or Dyson MacGyvering a transmitter courtesy of his days in the SAS, or Kenzi making a dig at the Mayan not-apocalypse, a lot of my personal misgivings about the season so far were swept away. I made peace with the mysteries not being answered, and the confusing plot that’s currently being spun, and just enjoyed the episode. Watching Bo “Tom Sawyer” Bamber into allowing Ianka to perform publicly? Awesome. The Atlantean quartz fakeout? Great. Marcus getting his just desserts? Sweet. It was classic Lost Girl filled with humor, pathos and sex appeal. More of this please.

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