Coming to you fresh from that inexhaustible source of dubious nerd news, El Mayimbe of Latino Review.

On the heels of similarly unlikely whisperings regarding Nightwing and Green Lantern, El Mayimbe is now claiming that sources have informed him Zack Snyder‘s highly anticipated Man of Steel sequel: Batman vs. Superman is seeking an African-American actor in his early twenties who is also physically fit. And I’m not just being lazy here–that’s exactly who he claims he got this info from: “SOURCES”. As I’ve mentioned before when reporting a Latino Review rumor: WHO are these “Sources”? And why do they only ever seem to speak to El Mayimbe?

El Mayimbe further claims that up and coming actor Michael B. Jordan has met with Zack Snyder, though he offers nothing to corroborate this save for his word.

To be fair, the notion that this possible role for a possible twentysomething buff black actor might be Cyborg is NOT El Mayimbe’s–he just reported what he heard about the kind of actor Batman vs. Superman might be looking for, and his readers suggested Cyborg.

Whatever…I’ll say the same thing I did about the Green Lantern and Nightwing rumors:

A movie about two marquee superheroes is ambitious enough. The confirmed presence of Wonder Woman is an even further stretch, but it’s not inconceivable….

Any more than that is just too many–the only way to do a movie about that many heroes is to do a team movie like Avengers, and we’re not there yet.

But we’ll see….

Source: Latino Review

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