The last day of on-site filming for Joss Whedon‘s follow-up film Avengers: Age of Ultron has wrapped up in Johannesburg, South Africa over the weekend. Luckily for us, some enterprising fans snagged some video and set pictures for the rest of us to ponder and scrutinize.

Let’s start with the video that showed up on Instagram by Paperless3. It shows dozens of people scattering amidst a confrontation between a group of Johannesburg police officers and the Hulk. The police use small arms and fire at the Hulk, but we all know that won’t do anything more than make him angrier.

Then we’ve got some of Paperless3’s set pictures:

A couple of others has these set shots from earlier in the shoot:

Then we come to this exciting picture from Ian King:


Photo credit: Ian King, February 22, 2014

Ian King would make a great Hulk Super Villain name wouldn’t it? We all knew that if the area was getting trashed, odds were it was the Hulk, and now we know for sure.

Does the Hulk just get bored with fighting the police and jump off into the sunset or does another hero take, or talk, him down? Don’t forget the first question that should pop into our heads, why is the Hulk, or Bruce Banner, in South Africa in the first place?

What is the technical term for those guys that carry around the Hulk Bust. Do they fall in the Grips or Personal Assistant category?

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