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ABOVE: In “Shit You Know You Want to Own” News: Jakks Pacific and Nintendo are making this bad boy as a “full size” 6V ride-on version of the kart in Mario Kart 7. Hopefully they’ll make a “Fat-Boy” model. [NerdApproved


You can eat this Lord of The Rings cake by Black Cherry Cake Company,  but know that Sauron is watching you, and counting every calorie! Take a bite out of Mordor and the Shire at the same time [ThatsNerdalicious]


Check out this Majin Boo gender bender. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boob. I’ll be in my bunk, playing with my dragon balls.  [9Gag]


So pretty…Deadpool in a dress… because, we all know that Deadpool can’t NOT put on the dress, and once the dress is on, Deadpool has gotta dance. Dance you Fabulous fool! DANCE!!! [GAS]

If you didn’t have enough cute kittens in your life then this LEGO movie, cute kitten version is just for you. [The Pet Collective]

She’s gonna toot that Horn. Is it just me or does it look like Suaron’s Tower is getting the business? Super Mario Bros. theme and sounds played on a Chinese wind instrument called the Sheng. There was a happy ending. 🙂 [TheAwesomer]

Because nothing sells car insurance like a guy that can demolish your car with his hands and feet. Check out this Turkish car insurance ad being interrupted by Street Fighter’s Ryu [Dorkly]

Guardians of the Galaxy with a Parks and Rec opening. BRILLIANT!!!! [Geekologie]

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